A very creative and busy fall

First of all let me say a big “sorry” for all of you who have checked it and I have not been up-to-date!!!! I have had a great summer of teaching and painting, I painted my way through 2 weeks in Maine and the rest of the summer in Maryland..I have new paintings and paper sculptures that will be on display for a couple of months at the Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg. Come and hang out with us on October 2nd..the gallery opens at 7pm and we will have good food, great art (with 3 other artists) and some excellent company…..so please join us there!!!!  sueKay


  1. I am at flower Jill StRbucks, only to fond your stuff gone (back to you, I hope!).
    Do you have the three panda picture anywhere on your website?

    1. The paintings that were on display at Starbucks actually belong to some of my students. The painting of the three pandas was done by an amazing senior who I am sure is will go great places with her art. So sadly it is not on my website. my own work is currently on display at the Kentlands Mansion.

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