Loving what I do

I was just thinking, this morning…coffee in hand, that I am so fortunate to love doing what I do. I get to paint and that keeps me centered. I get to teach and that keeps me humble and real. There is nothing like a bunch of high school students to make sure you are walking your talk .I get to use my gifts to serve, because that is what a gift is for. A gift kept to yourself is never as appreciated or cherished and every once in awhile you need a cheering section. And I get to be a mom which is ever so much harder and so much more rewarding, especially because I genuinely like my kids. So Thanks be to an incredible God who is the giver of all these good things and the author of any gift I may possess.  And thanks to my loving husband who understands the “fall out” from all these things and seems to love me for it.

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