Sue Kay is an artist and art teacher in Derwood, Maryland. Her paintings are inspired by the natural beauty of her native Maine and her adopted home, Maryland. She has also painted landscapes in many places in between. “I love the softness of watercolors for landscapes,” she explains. “When you see a tree or the dancing surf from a distance, you don’t see all the details, it’s more of an impression. That’s the feel I want in my paintings.” She produces her watercolors in her Derwood studio, flooded with natural light. “Whether I’m painting a path that leads my imagination deeper into the woods, or the serenity of a farm, being surrounded by the soft light and the outdoors while I work is always inspiring,” she says. When she’s not painting she shares her love of art with selected students in her studio.

Sue’s 2010 exhibit at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn reflected her passion for northeastern landscapes. She loves Maine lighthouses, especially late in the day in the soft glow of the sun. She is also drawn to farms, especially those in Maryland, for the way they reflect a calm steadiness that contrasts with the hustle and bustle of busy suburban life.