Art Classes

Sue offers classes in her home studio and at the Arts Barn through the city of Gaithersburg, MD.


Home school and after school classes available in Sue’s home studio.  Subject matter is ongoing and covers everything from basic drawing skills to most types of painting.  Home school classes are offered Monday afternoons.  After school classes are offered on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Feel free to come by to check out the studio anytime.  Just call and see when classes are scheduled and come on by.  301.990.3749.

Arts Barn

Sue is teaching two classes through the City of Gaithersburg at the Arts Barn. To register, go to the Arts Barn website, email or call 301.258.6394.

Discovering Art

Discover the wonders of art by exporing a variety of mediums while learning and developing basic drawing skills. Over the course of several sessions, work in pencil, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor, gouache and acrylics. Each 5 and 6 week session will explore different projects and themes.

Drawing with Color

Building on basic drawing skills, this class uses a variety of mediums to bring still-life alive in full color. Explore mediums such as colored pencils, oil pastels and others to create pieces that reflect light, tone and texture. All skill levels are welcome.

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