My little blurb in the Town Courier

Sue Kay Art — The Courier 7-14

My art camps have gone really well this summer. Great art was created and great fun was had by all. There was a nice little story in the Town Courier with some fun pics by the photographer showing much of what went on. The real stars were the children and their energy and enthusiasm. Nothing is more inspiring to me than a student who genuinely loves their finished pieces. I have been teaching for 20 years and that kind of excitement never loses it’s punch.

Out in Creation

I had an amazing weekend out in God’s amazing creation. Nothing like a weekend camping to appreciate what we miss sitting in our homes. We had a pair of mallards that kept us company on and off as well as an assortment of other creatures from my own boys and some borrowed to a really cool moth. The views of  lake Habbeb were wonderful.  All these things are just waiting to be captured in paint over the next couple of weeks. Bring on Summer…..

Loving what I do

I was just thinking, this morning…coffee in hand, that I am so fortunate to love doing what I do. I get to paint and that keeps me centered. I get to teach and that keeps me humble and real. There is nothing like a bunch of high school students to make sure you are walking your talk .I get to use my gifts to serve, because that is what a gift is for. A gift kept to yourself is never as appreciated or cherished and every once in awhile you need a cheering section. And I get to be a mom which is ever so much harder and so much more rewarding, especially because I genuinely like my kids. So Thanks be to an incredible God who is the giver of all these good things and the author of any gift I may possess.  And thanks to my loving husband who understands the “fall out” from all these things and seems to love me for it.

A New Year for Art

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Thank you all my friends and “patrons” for making 2012 such a wonderful year!!! It was a great year for painting as well as a great year for selling my paintings. It has been fun to see some paintings head to the homes of friends, neighbors and even some out of state-new friends. I am looking forward to doing a lot more painting this year and have another show or two I hope everyone has a blessed 2013 a look forward to hearing from all of you!!!   sueKay.

A very creative and busy fall

First of all let me say a big “sorry” for all of you who have checked it and I have not been up-to-date!!!! I have had a great summer of teaching and painting, I painted my way through 2 weeks in Maine and the rest of the summer in Maryland..I have new paintings and paper sculptures that will be on display for a couple of months at the Kentlands Mansion in Gaithersburg. Come and hang out with us on October 2nd..the gallery opens at 7pm and we will have good food, great art (with 3 other artists) and some excellent company…..so please join us there!!!!  sueKay

more paintings to come

Maine..I.am headed to Maine..sadly leaving part of my family behind :(… but I cannot wait to get painting. Last year I came home with 12 paintings and 9 of them now live in other homes!! I love that!!! I can’t wait to post what I have done..so look for new painting in the coming weeks….

Looking Toward Summer

Hey everyone, I am looking forward to summer. I am teaching in several places including here and the Arts Barn. I hope I get to see many of my summer students. I also hope to see some of my adult art students here on Monday nights. I am going to try to have open studio as many Monday nights as I can this summer. I have a great series of shadow box watercolors in the works. The spring was so busy with a successful Farm Park show and an Open House here that I am looking forward to some quiet quality studio time this summer.